Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Creation to Babel by Ken Ham

Creation to Babel: 
A Commentary for Families
Ken Ham
Published 2021

All of the explanations and reasons for our world's wickedness, chaos, and death can be found in the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, wrote this easy to read and study text to help families or individuals understand the foundation for human corruption and sin. I know: sounds awful. 

Actually, it is liberating because for every explanation of the curse there is God's promise of a Savior, Jesus Christ. It is essential for Christians to know both the curse and the promise, to explain why we live in such a sinful, broken world; but also it is imperative that we know God's promise to redeem us, which is the hope that is within us. 

I think Ham did a masterful job laying out the truth, broken up into easy to follow and chronological topics. He used Scripture from Genesis 1-11, to explain  Creation Week, the origin of sin, Cain's murder of Abel, the genealogies of Adam's descendants to Noah, the worldwide Flood and its effects on the earth and climate, God's covenant with Noah, the descendants of Noah's sons, and finally the Tower of Babel, the dispersion of people groups, and the beginning of the diversity of language, cultures,  and people. And each event points us back to the need for a Savior. 

In addition, there is a tribute to godly parents who lay a foundation for belief, shaping a biblical worldview in their children. There are also several appendices for supporting historical and scientific claims and evidences. Ham answered numerous common questions, confusing arguments, and misconceptions throughout the text about Creation and foundation of our world.

It is truly an interesting book of study, easy enough to read aloud to older children. Ham called this a "commentary" on "apologetics," a lesson in "how to think foundationally to know what we believe as Christians and why, and how to develop a truly Christian worldview." Furthermore, Ham said "there is also a devotional aspect throughout as we gain understanding of who God is, what He has done for us, and thus why we should thank and praise Him."

The following video is over an hour, but if you are interested in the foundations of a Biblical worldview, Creation, Fall of man, sin's effects on the world, and the truths of Genesis 1-11, then this is a perfect hour spent. After I saw this presentation earlier this year, I thought, "That would be so cool if I could find a book on Genesis 1-11." And lo and behold! I found Creation to Babel by the speaker himself. 

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